Thursday, October 19, 2017

I won't break....

It was a mistake.

"So how is the scaredy cat?" A guy behind, pushed me as I stumbled.

I wished they would understand. It was a mistake... I had panicked and reacted stupidly and the whole damned thing was caught on live TV.

I thought my classmates would understand. But they did not even care. They were even more cruel than the people making those comments online....

I should have got used to it by now, because this had been going on for sometime now. But no, their words always hurt me. And they just did not care that I made a mistake and wanted to make it right. Somehow.

I tried to push past the jerk. But he came forward sneering at me, knowing that there is nothing I would do.


I could not believe it. Shiny was before me – short, braces-wearing and awkward..... But it was Shiny and she pushed the guy back.

The jerk snarled and then laughed as he pushed Shiny back. "What are you going to do, Shorty?"

"Do you know everyone would say when they know what happened last week." Shiny said in a cold voice. She spoke softly, but everyone heard her.

I had no idea what Shiny was talking about. Apparently neither did anyone else in the class. 

But the jerk paled. 

He looked around the others for help. But no one came to help him – they were just curious about what Shiny had said about him. He suddenly looked flustered and tried to look down at Shiny.

But Shiny did not back down. "Walk away." Though she said it softly, her words were so loud that everyone heard it.

I could not believe it. But the class dispersed slowly.

Shiny did not move. She stood before me not saying anything and she was glaring.

Then Shiny turned to look at me. "Ignore them." Shiny made me sit on the desk behind me. And I was still shaking. "Just learn to fight them. Bullies are terrified idiots. They are even more terrified that others would know about their fears. That is why they bully others. I have no idea what that jerk did last week, but then bullies always have something which terrifies them." She nodded. "Never let their words get to you and never show that you are afraid."

I did not know what to say when two classmates came inside. They saw me and one of the girls sneered at me.

I knew that look and suddenly it did not bother me. Shiny clutched my hands and nodded at me. 

"Hi!" I told the newcomer giving her a false bright smile. 

I was thrilled as the girl looked shocked at my smile. A simple 'hi' changed me. I had stood up. I was not scared anymore.

I finally had my video removed from the net. I still get scared when I think about it. But I am working on it. I will overcome it. I will.

Friday, October 13, 2017

The Tap Repairer

Why did that damned water tap leak annoy me so much? It was just a leak and it had been there forever.... But right now....
I snarled angrily at it – as if that was going to help with the leaking tap. Realizing that it was not, I stared at it for the whole of five minutes and then angrily pulled out the wrench from the drawer. Today it was either going to me me or the tap leak....I promised myself.
It was when I opened the drawer I realized what I was seeing.
My tools – there was a time when I had been the ‘repairer’ of the home. I am an engineer so it is natural and because I was good at it, I always fixed everything at my home. Right from broken sockets to fuses – I was good and my dad and me used to repair it all. My dad taught me everything.
I removed my bangle as I pulled out the wrench and looked at the tap again. The spindle inside was probably caught in the wrong circle or probably the washer had broken – it had after all been a few years since I had changed the washer of the tap.
Not that it stopped me right now. I was industrially removing the cap of the tap which was when I heard sounds behind me.
My daughter came forward and after a long time she seemed almost surprised to see the wrench with me.
Mom, are you going to kill the tap?” There was real worry in her voice.
I said nothing because I was more or less used to my daughter’s cockiness. There were many people who always said that she got it from her mother – that is me…. But then who was paying attention to all that?
What is this called?” My daughter obviously never learnt how to not talk. Just because someone did not answer one question, it did not mean that the other questions could not be asked.
A wrench.” I said quietly as I screwed the tap open.
The tap is leaking.” My daughter said suddenly as if that was a fact she had just figured out. “And you are repairing it.”
That was when I saw genuine doubt in her face. “You can repair these things?”
I swear it was her question which caught me by surprise.
Of course, I can.” I said sounding a little peeved. But then I was thinking of far too many other things. Why the hell hadn’t I done any of this before? I have always had the wrench with me and I knew this tap was leaking...I just gave up because I could not get an answer to that one...No matter what.
I looked at the spindle of the tap and removed the washer. And that was when I saw that the washer had almost worn out. That was the reason, it was leaking.
Sighing, I walked towards my tools drawer again with my daughter following me and wondered whether I had this type of washer with me. There was a time when I used to buy these things and keep them in stock just for this very contingency.
After searching for some time and in between questions of my daughter as she picked up every single tool and asked me what it was and in between my answers and the fact that I hurriedly pulled away the forceps from my daughter’s hands as she was trying to pick that up, I found it.
The packet of washers were lying in my ‘magic drawer which had everything’ (my daughter’s description, in case you did not figure it out).
I was searching for it and that was when my daughter asked me another question which threw me in a loop.
Mom, why didn’t you tell me that you can repair stuff?” My daughter asked me.
I opened my mouth and words failed me. Because there was nothing I could say. I had never told my daughter about my ‘skills’ for the very simple reason that I had never repaired anything…. Not after her birth. No one told me, but over time I had just stopped doing these things – things that I was good at – just because I had some stupid assumption in my head that I was not supposed to do it…. Finally, my work just took over all the other things that I could do and I just never did these ‘simple’ things. It was weird. When I thought about it, it was really weird. But it was the truth.
But now after a really long time, the wrench felt like a familiar friend in my hands.
The shining eyes with which my daughter was looking at the wrench told me exactly what my daughter wanted now. And that made me grin.
You want to help me repair it?” I asked as I waved her over.
You will teach me?” She asked and her eyes were shining with excitement.
That was the first time I taught my daughter about how to hold a wrench… the right way – to give the correct grip. She was thrilled with the simple thing of just tightening the cover of the spindle and her nimble hands and her enthusiastic eyes, told me what I needed to know – she could really do this – she had a gift for it. Just like I did. Which was probably what my father saw in me and let me ‘help’ him around the house too.
After ten beautiful minutes I screwed the tap lid back up and looked at it. Both me and my daughter exchanged beautiful looks.
The tap was perfect.
Do you want to learn how to solder?” I asked my daughter excitedly as I still remembered the day my dad had taught me to solder. I remembered my excitement – pure joy. I felt it was time, I at least showed my daughter that.
Behind us, the door opened.
What are you doing here?” My husband just returned from office and the first thing he saw was his daughter with a wrench and his wife with very dirty hands, both of whom were staring happily at a tap… Yup, I could almost feel what he must have felt.

But it was my daughter’s reply which made me smile. “Me and mom are setting things right.” My daughter said loftily as she pulled the wrench proudly in her hands.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Start of a Love Story

Damn Murphy's law. Vanya Rathod nearly growled to herself as she heard the burst of her car tire.
To be honest, she had been expecting it. The stretch of road that she had just crossed at the Tarek-Nalpur highway had been terrible. The potholes in the road had bumped and shaken the car real bad and Vanya was trying her best to avoid the sharp stones.
But evidently, her efforts were not enough.
The car had started wobbling immediately after the stretch and Vanya had decreased the speed of the car exponentially.
But the inevitable happened.
Vanya sighed as she shut down the air-conditioner and rolled down the window of her sleek and pricey car.
The hot afternoon air at the outskirts of the city of Tarek was sweltering, probably hinting of rains in the evening.
But then Vanya took in a deep breath and ignored all that. She was tired because she had been driving from the morning and all she wanted to do was reach Nalpur.
But that was not to happen right now.
She pressed the button for opening the trunk of her car.
Murphy's law apparently did not extent to tired girls driving from the morning. At least her car did not extend her the courtesy and Vanya's car just burst the tyre tube at the highway.
Ignoring everything, Vanya just opened the car and looked at the four tires of the car and stopped at the front right wheel.
The wheel was in bad shape.
Vanya nearly gasped as she carefully pulled out a huge and sharp pebble from the tube of the tire. This tire had literally run its last mile.
Sighing she went to the trunk and pulled out the jack from there.
She was trying to place the jack under the car, when the first drop of water poured down her shoulder.
At first she did not believe it. It was sweltering hot...there was no way that it was a rain drop.
Vanya did not even complete the thought when the rain abandoned all pretexts and the next drop came in a little faster. The sun was there....But then so was the rain.
"Traitor!" Vanya called the sky and looked at it angrily like as if she expected Nature to talk back to Vanya and justify Her actions.
Vanya hurriedly pulled out the jack from the car.
But then Nature was just not in a mood – she just started lashing out her rain, irrespective of the sun.
Sighing Vanya gave up. She was about to get inside the vehicle and looked unhappily at her dying cell phone which was when she heard it.
She was so glad as she heard the other car on the road.
The best part was the car seemed to slow down as it came near her.
Vanya was feeling happy as the vehicle stopped a few inches before her.
Aadav hated the rain.
The bullet wound in his knee always hurt him as he saw the rain.
Because that was what the rain reminded him of.
Aadav could remember with crystal clear clarity of the events three years back.
It had been pouring as he was sitting crouched inside the cold cave waiting for his back up to arrive and none of his soldiers were with him. Aadav and his team had been ambushed suddenly and Aadav had stopped back making sure his people could get away from the place. Just as the last jawan had left the place, Aadav had been shot in the calf of his knee. He had ordered his jawan away. He was just slowing them down. Aadav had patched his own wound. And he had even survived the next three hours as he was trying to keep a watchful eye on the enemy, making sure that they did not stop his people. He had survived as his people had taken him back to base camp.
But that had been the last mission for Aadav. Aadav knew that he could no longer work – not with that leg.
This was what he had wanted – to join the army. He had done it too.
Only for it to brutally come to an end. A rainy day and a single bullet wound had stopped his career in the army.
But then Aadav had not been one to let his past mess up with his future. He was just not built that way.
He had accepted the fact that the civilian life was what he had and had started his own company. He provided security details for events and security proofing for companies – look into the employees whom the company was going to give an offer letter to.... And frankly Aadav was good at his job. In two years, his company had become one of the preferred one in the city of Tarek and Aadav should have been satisfied with the way his life had turned out.
But then during the rain, his bullet wound still hurt.
He was trying not to think all this as he was driving across to the city of Nalpur to attend a seminar on the latest techniques in improvements in security details, which was when Aadav saw a strange sight on the highway.
The girl was beautiful. She was tall and was slightly slender – not like the pencil thin models, but a little more on the healthier side. Those things did not catch his attention.
The girl's car burst and she was studying it calmly. From the truck of the car she had pulled out the jack and was working on the car. That was something that Aadav had not seen for a long time. It was obvious that the girl was good with her hands as she was pulling the jack with practised ease.
Which was when the rains poured in.
It was her eyes which surprised him. They were a mad colour of brown and she looked very annoyed at the rain. Somehow to Aadav, the rain and her anger blended perfectly. Almost as if they were the same.
He stopped the vehicle more from reflex than any other reason, and up close, he found her brown eyes almost forceful.
"Do you need a lift, ma'am?" He asked her slowly.
Of course, he could have started the conversation with the stupid "What seems to be the problem here?" And then the conversation would have gone as the girl would have possibly explained that her tyre was punctured or something stupidly obvious. But somehow Aadav was just not in a mood.
But the girl still surprised Aadav.
"Ma'am?" She looked horrified at herself and then she looked at Aadav. "Do I look like a ma'am to you?"
Aadav sighed. She was getting wet in the rain, with a broken down vehicle and still she was bothered about this. Aadav finally realized something that he should have known a long time ago – the world was really not a place for being a nice guy or even a polite one. He was in half a mood to drive away. But then the girl surprised him some more.
"Anyway, it really does not matter." She continued as she was looking annoyed. "I have to reach Nalpur by tomorrow and I can't repair my car tyre puncture in this rain. My cell phone is almost running out of battery and I cannot call anyone. So yes. I need a lift." She spoke fast as one word almost slipped on top of the other. She still did not wait for Aadav to say anything else, as she walked up to the front of her car.
Her faded jeans and her white shirt accentuated her slender figure as she pulled out a jacket from the front of her car.
She locked her car and got inside the front of his car.
"Hi! I am Vanya Rathod." She told him with a bright smile as she was dripping slightly in the rain. "Who are you?"

"Someone who does not talk so much." Aadav muttered in a small voice as he started the vehicle, wondering exactly what he was entering into....

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

A Guardian Angel

You have saved my life and now I want to save yours.” The little child whom he had seen was gone and in her place was now a grown up woman – not grown up. But the eyes were mature.
I smiled sadly as I saw her brown eyes. I could see the weak horizon being reflected in those eyes and knew that she knew. She knew that her words were futile.
I can save you.” She repeated and this time she tried to look with conviction.
The portals between the world have opened, little one. The darkness that we have created, it makes the Shadows powerful. Very powerful. All humans would fall to the darkness. They promised to come for me today.” I smile mirthlessly. “I cannot fight the darkness.”
I can.” She told me quietly.
I stared at her blankly as she nodded. “You were the only person who trusted me when I was a kid. All the children shunned me.” She said with vicious angry as she slowly nodded to herself saying nothing more.
What does that have to do with anything?” I asked as I looked down the broken down building to the almost deserted road. I have told her that I do not care.... but it was obvious that it is not true. I had escaped from my home and I was hiding away in the furthest sides of the forests.... all for what? The Shadows would find me. She did.
It does because I now know why I was shunned, during my younger days.” She told me and that was when her hands started trembling.
I frowned as I looked at her.
I have the blood of the Shadows in me.” She said simply.
Suddenly the room went cold. Or probably, it was just me.
Are you afraid of me?” She asked me in a cold calm voice.
But....” I was afraid of her. Because I suddenly knew that she was not lying at all. She knew. She just knew what she was saying. But how could she know? More importantly what did she do about it?
She smiled kindly at me and I felt ashamed. I knew that she had sensed my indecision. All her life – others doubted her. But me....? I had never done it. She was my friend and I never wavered. No matter what the others said... But that was changing.
During the last attack of the Shadows in the city, I managed to capture one of the creatures.” She told me slowly. Catch a Shadow? I was numb wondering how she had even done that.
All Shadows share a memories. Individual Shadows can access the memory of the others – that is how they grow as a species. They even have the means of accessing the memories of their dead. That knowledge is what makes the Shadows powerful.”
How did you catch a Shadow?” I asked trying not to panic. She was changing right in front of my eyes and it was scary. “Those things are smoky and have no body...”
Some people can.” She told me quietly. “Our blood makes it impossible for the Shadows to escape us. They cannot change into the smoky form when before us.”
What did you learn from the Shadow?” I asked swallowing painfully.
That I have the blood of the Shadows run through me. That is the reason, the Shadows are trying to kill me. The Shadows opened the portal on their side just to find people like me. People who can stop the Shadows....”
People who can stop the Shadows...
I stopped cold. The Resistance. She needed to get to the Resistance. Probably, she can help them. She was supposed to help all of them. Not waste her life trying to save a pathetic life like mine. But then probably she was lying. Probably, it was all just a ploy....
She said nothing because she could sense my indecision.
But then looking at her steely brown eyes, I suddenly believed her. She genuinely wanted to help. No matter what her past or what was evil lurked in her blood – she was my friend. And nothing could change it.
Naturally, things went bad... Because it was dark outside. Very dark. The temperature dropped and the wind picked up.... which meant the obvious. The Shadows were here. They were here for their kill.
Get away!” I shouted pushing her back. Her skin was cold, but I ignored it. “Save yourself, while you can... Go to the Resistance. Probably they can...”
She laughed. She chuckled as she looked at me and her brown eyes turned dangerous. She was looking at the swirling wind which was growing stronger and back at me. “I don’t have to save the Resistance or any of those other pathetic excuse of a human being. I want to save you.” She looked at the wind and nodded. “As I told you, you saved my life and I want to save yours.” Her brown eyes looked at me and there was an inscrutable expression on her face. “Escape from here, my friend and tell those humans to find people like me. People who can fight the Shadows and...” Her brown eyes looked vicious as she studied me. “And tell them to be nice.”
NO WAIT!” I panicked trying to stop her. But she jumped out of the window and she landed right next to the wind.
For the first time, I tried getting down, but it was of no use. The Shadows had surrounded her. But she was not scared. I could hardly even see her beneath the the smoky things surrounding her, but she was not scared. And she did not back down either. Not even once.
RUN!” She told me once.
I wanted to shake my head. But I could not. I wanted to help her. I wanted to help my friend...
SAVE YOURSELF!” She shouted once more and after that the shrieking of the winds around her increased so much that I could see nothing.
I ran. I ran and I was determined to come back with the others and save my friend. She was alive. I was going to find others like her...
I was going to save her. I never knew that I was sobbing as I ran

Thursday, June 29, 2017

A chance meeting

He could not believe it. Five years. It had been five years since he had seen her lovely dark sparkling eyes, her flowing hair which just waved about like it had life of its own, her luscious lips....
He was mortified to find that this was the best he could even summon up as he tried to cover up for the shock that he was feeling as seeing Karunya again.
"Aman?" She looked confused. "What are you doing here?"
That was the first time, Aman realized that she was not expecting to meet him here either. But then, why would she? They were in the most expensive five star hotel in the city and both were here....
Looking at you.
It took all of Aman's will power to understand what she was saying and three more seconds to articulate himself.
"There is a meeting here." Aman said finally. "And I came to attend it."
"The Unitec Deal – you are the other party?" Karunya demanded looking incredulous.
"I am buying their company. I need three of the technologies that the company has developed for a flat screen panel. And their devices are more efficient in some respects." Aman said a little angrily. A part of him did wonder why he was explaining all this to her.
"You are the owner of AK Technologies?" She asked faintly.
"Yes." Aman said irritably. The meeting was to start in ten minutes and he was here.
"Fine," Karunya nodded. "I will sell the company. Talk over the details of the takeover with my people. I will ask them to help you so that the takeover is smooth."
Aman blinked.
"You are the owner of Unitec?"
It took embarrassing ten seconds for Aman to actually make sense of Karunya's sentence.
"I am technically the owner." She sighed. "After dad's death, I have been trying to settle his assets. Unitec is his company."
"And you would just sell it to me?" Aman demanded wondering what he had misread in this sentence.
"I am a hotelier, Aman." Karunya said looking weirdly at him. "I can definitely not manage my father's electronic company well. I am not even equipped for it. You evidently know what you are doing. So I think it is right for the takeover."
"Hotel.?" Somehow that was the only part of Karunya's sentence which Aman did remember.
"Yeah!" Karunya gave him a small smile. "You are standing in it."
Aman blinked again. He looked again and saw the lavish surroundings and realized a little slowly that now that he thought about it, everything in the place had her touch – a richness with a cosy home feel – the decor mixed the old and the new and it was beautiful making almost anyone at home there...
"Ma'am" a man in a formal suit came up from behind nodding at Karunya. "We need to..." The man looked at Aman. "Hello Mr. Aman Chetan."
Aman nodded at the man.
"Look at your new boss, Ravi." Karunya said nodding at the man.
Ravi looked surprised at Karunya and then at Aman. "You decided to..."
"Yes." Karunya nodded as they entered the room. Karunya looked at Aman. "I am hopeful that the takeover would be smooth both for my people and you."
Ravi looked shocked and he really could not articulate himself as he walked ahead.
"This calls for a celebration."
She had looked remarkably cool during the entire meeting. She had even convinced her board members on why the takeover was for the best. Most of the Board Members had agreed and the agreement had even been signed.
She had done more than half of his work for him. Aman was actually expecting someone hardboiled idiot who would refuse to part with the company.
He had done his homework. He knew about the company. But Aman just did not understand who was the daughter who was looking for a buyer of her father's company. Somehow, that simple fact he had missed.
They were now alone in the bar at the hotel and the dimly lighted surroundings with the gloved waiters was making the place look posh... almost beautiful.
She poured his drinks and handed it to him.
"Why did you leave?"
Aman was mortified. Horribly. He had come here for negotiating a deal and all through he could not even concentrate on it. Not one bit. Suddenly it did not even matter to him that the takeover had been so smooth. Something else was burning in his head. But he honestly did not expect that he would ask the question.
Her dark eyes studied him slowly. For some strange reason Aman felt uncovered. - like she was seeing through him.
"We had something." Aman said softly. Not that he had started. He did not know how to stop. "It could have been something. Something special. And you just walked away telling me it was over." Aman shook his head. "You did not give me any answers. Nothing." Aman studied her eyes again which were still expressionless. "You walked away. Why?"
"I saw no future for us." She said slowly. "There was nothing for me to think in that."
Every word was a blow and he was shocked. Numb.
"And I meant what I said then. We cannot keep each other happy." Karunya looked at Aman with a smile. "I let you have my father's company, because I knew you cared about it. You wanted to have the company for a specific reason. And I knew that you would develop it and make good use of it. That is what you are. Ambitious and I would not be wrong in saying that you can be very cutthroat when needed."
"That does not..." Aman started.
"You are ambitious. And I want to build my hotel. My hotel is already on its way up. And I am going to make it the best. You should have known it long ago that neither of us have the time to invest in other people in general. Our ambitions would not let us do anything else.. And besides, what do you want me do?" Karunya asked.
She did not wait for his answer as she continued. "Marry you and try to keep up with you while you were running your company?" She shook her head. "That is not me, either."
Karunya looked at Aman slowly. "You pick a woman who will love you and your ambitions. Not a woman like me. I need to do something myself. Not for someone else."

Karunya nodded slowly. "I stand by what I say. We cannot keep each other happy."

Friday, June 23, 2017

Totally Clich├ęd

It was a pretty normal morning which was why I was slightly angry. It was a special morning and this was the best that Nature could do for me - since morning, the clouds had been threatening to break out anytime. But through the entire bus journey, the sun had peaked out. Now, there was nothing but an indecisive climate as if Nature herself had not decided what she was going to do today.

Telling myself to ignore the weather, I walked out of the bus as my heart was beating real hard.

I pulled up the bag closer and looked at the huge board in front of me.

S.R.L. College of Science and Technology.

This was it. I was standing outside the college of my dreams. Two years of studying and hard work and staying awake for insane hours and this was where I wanted to do. God, I had even tolerated English and managed to scrap through in that hideous subject.

Just to get inside this college. Be accepted for what I was – a geek and a proud one at that.

I was already tweaking with the rubber band, battery and the pencil in my hand which I been fiddling in the bus to come here. And for once I had no idea what I had created.

It looked like a catapult but then it seemed slightly weird. Or probably, the damned thing was going to blow up at my face.

That is a pretty normal thing in my life, in case you did not know.

Anyway, back to the present, I stepped into the college and looked around savouring in all the sights and sounds and new things and almost immediately, I spotted the first wrong thing. Well not exactly wrong. But it was not my area of expertise – there were four to five giggling girls near to one side. There were a group of boys at the farther end – both the groups felt wrong to me.

Because neither the girls nor the boys looked like they had a clue of what they were supposed to be here. Which, for some reason just annoyed me to no end.

One of the girls there actually smiled a little hesitatingly at me as she was loosely carrying a thick Applied Chemistry book in her hand. Even that annoyed me because that book was a masterpiece not a cheap novel.

"First year?" She asked as she boldly came up to me.

I didn't know it then, but Kritika was very nervous at that point of time. And Kritika talked a lot when she was nervous. More than her normal lot, and over the years that had become endearing. But still, facts were facts.

"No, I am going to pass out." I snapped. God, the girl was dumb. I had the exact same book in my hand as I had been reading it on the way here.

That was when she saw the book and looked at me annoyed.

"Smart ass." She huffed and turned around.

I sighed as the last piece of survival instinct kicked in.

God, I was not doing the same thing again. I was through all the "being shunned" and "being the smartest guy" and the "to be avoided like a plague guy" as had always happened in school. I could not repeat all that in college. I had promised myself that this time around I was going to enjoy everything.

"Hi, I am Siddharth." I told her trying to smile as I walked towards her. She is not smart, but she is bold. That must count for something. "And I really am sorry." I said struggling to get the words out and not gag.

Seriously, apologizing was not half as cool as the people got it.

"Hi Siddharth," she said looking furiously at me as the other people were watching us with slight annoyance.

I honestly did not know what the problem of the others really was. They could talk with this girl if they wanted. I was not going to stop them.

A second later I wished they had talked to the girl and taken her away from here.

"Your catapult has the rubber band in the wrong place." She said looking at me with something close to contempt. "You pull that and the pencil is going to shoot at your face."

I blinked. I studied the thing in my hand and I blinked again.

I was mortified and pretty much traumatized for life. I got a catapult wrong. That was impossible. Just impossible. Considering I had been making the things since I was a kid.

The girl was walking towards the classroom as she looked at me with a disdainful look.

Sorry, I mouthed at her and I was sincere about it. One of the first things that someone like me knows is to apologize for mistakes and restart. Because that is the thing with science. Theories go wrong and then we rebuilt. The apologizing and the restarting was difficult. But it had to be done.

I was stumped when I saw her give a glorious smile at me.

Ten years later, I still remember Kriti's smile that day. Nothing changed it. Her marriage to me just accentuated it and brought it out more often. But that smile that she gave me that day was special.

It was such a perfect feeling as I was feeling ridiculously happy, which was when the rain started pouring.

I am very sure if I had spent some time watching some movie, I would have seen this scene more gloriously taken.

But to me this was perfect – the rains and through the rain drops I was watching my love.

And no, it was obviously not Kriti.

It was the college before me – my first love, which really made a man out of me and the reason I met the second love in my life.

Friday, June 16, 2017

An Encounter

The gun shot ended it all. The two week running around – keeping the man under observation, collecting the proof against the man... All of it. A gun shot ended it all. 
As Arlan studied the man, he realized that the man could not be imprisoned. The asshole was too well connected. He was going to be out of prison faster than the time it had taken for Arlan to throw him in.
But these decisions no longer bothered Inspector Arlan Karnik.
Though this time the kill was not his.
Arlan peered through the terrace of the building and saw the fallen body of the gangster and a shocked crowd of horrified spectators. He was very impressed with the shot. At the distance of thirty feet from the terrace of the building, the shot had been near perfect. It was a shot to the heart and had left zero room for error. Death had practically been instantaneous. 
Though Arlan genuinely believed that death was too good for the bastard. It was quick and efficient - not something that the guy even remotely deserved. But then Arlan was old in this game. In this life of checks and balances, Arlan knew that people could not win it all. At least the man was dead. He could hurt no one else.
Arlan passed a practiced eye over the spectators and even in the faint light of the evening sun, he could see that they were not in immediate danger. None of the spectators looked smart enough to know the location of the shooter using the trajectory of the shot. Hell, none of the people were even smart enough to keep away from the location where there was a shooting,
Arlan turned his attention to his colleague as she was putting away her gun in the holster.
"I am fine." Kira Vardhan said in a high pitched shrill voice, which told Arlan that whatever else, Kira was not fine. Her hands were slightly trembling as she caught it in a tight fist, which further buttressed his opinion of the situation.
But truth be told, Arlan would have been badly shocked if things had been really fine.
"I still have nightmares about my first encounter." Arlan said in a light tone. He said it in a light tone but his eyes were anything but light. It was almost blazing.
"S..Sir?" Kira asked swallowing painfully.
"The guy I first killed was a rapist, a killer and an extortionist." Arlan said in the same tone. "Despite that, even now I have nightmares when I think that I was the one who killed him."
"Aren't we doing it wrong, sir?" Kira asked and her voice was shaking badly. "That man should be in a court of law. That is what was taught to us." She was panting by the end of the sentence.
"And what do you think would happen after that?" Arlan asked in a mirthless voice.
Kira looked at Arlan as he continued. "We spend all our time and resources in finding him, finding proof against him and put him in prison and after that what will happen?"
Kira looked away.
"Prisons cannot hold men like that." Arlan said thumbing out of the window. "It would just be a joke. Thats all."
"It feels wrong." She said in hoarse voice.
"I am really glad you think that way," Arlan said with a tight smile. "That means that you can steal know what is right and wrong and decide appropriately. And with all that your hand did not falter when you took the shot."
"I..." Kira gave up. She could not articulate herself. Not anymore.
"Don't think of it that right or wrong." Arlan said heavily. He was glad for this talk. He was on the receiving end of this conversation and that conversation had made him what he was, right now. "That asshole is a gangster. He killed another man in cold blood because the man refused to sell him his property. We have proof of it." Arlan said nodding. "We have even looked further and have known that this was not the first time the man has done this. Don't you think this thug's victim needs someone to avenge his death?" Arlan swallowed painfully. "The victim had a family – people who loved and doted on him. And now they have no one."
Kira studied her trembling hands and looked like she just could not say anything.
"We don't kill for right or wrong. We don't kill for ideals. We just kill so that better people live. That is all."